''Peter Pixie is one of my favorite MCs in the world!'' - Erica 'Unwoman' Mulkey, Musician

''My staff and I all agree that you were one of the brightest highlights of our first SciFi experience. We hope to work with you again!!'' - Trisha Hook, Banquet Manager at Doubletree Guest Suites Bentonville, AR

''...truly excellent announcing and MC services provided by one “Peter Pixie”.  (I’ve never actually thought to mention the MC before, but this man is truly exceptionally helpful to the show in all respects!)'' -  Admiral Ramon is also the leader of “Kali’s Hourglass”

"This entire convention was emceed by the great Peter Pixie, who did a splendid job of introducing the acts and panels." - O.M. Grey author of Avalon Revisited on

''His congenial, welcoming personality and friendly, fun attitude gave the event energy and sparkle.'' - Lady Genevive Gordan, entertainer


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2016 Schedule

In 2016 there are some great events lined up and as we finalize the deals, we will be sure to post updates! Thank you to everyone that helped make the 2014 tour a success!


Ahn!Con (CONFIRMED) in Kansas City, MO


AnimeCon Arkansas (CONFIRMED) in Little Rock, ARK


Whofest 3 (CONFIRMED) in Dallas, TX


SoonerCon 24 (CONFIRMED), in Oklahoma City, OK


Anime Festival Wichita (CONFIRMED), in Wichita, KS

Tokyo in Tulsa (CONFIRMED) 

in Tulsa, OK


Glitch-Con (CONFIRMED) in Bentonville, ARK


Great Plains Ren Fair (CONFIRMED) in Wichita, KS


Mid-American UnComicon (CONFIRMED) 


 Want to see Peter Pixie at YOUR event? If you are in charge of booking, please contacts Peter at  If you are an attendee please contact the event in question and direct them here to our website. 




How to find Peter
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This 9 minute video explains my philosophy behind what I do and why. Thank you for taking the time to watch this amazing video created by Molly Combs.


It's Your Life: Host It! from Molly Lynne Combs on Vimeo.


A master of ceremonies or compère is the official host of a staged event or similar performance. An MC usually presents performers, speaks to the audience, and generally keeps the event moving. An MC may also tell jokes or anecdotes. Wikipedia 

  • Contributes to the successful execution of the event
  • The audible and visible presence at the event
  • Sets the pace of the event
  • Impact the overall quality of the event
  • Physically active role
  • Pre-Event Time Consultant
  • Responsible for setting the tone of the event
  • Works as a team with the Event Staff to produce a well-organized, thrilling event
  • Ensures the smooth flow of high profile moments (such as Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Costume Contests, Guest Introductions)


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